Tuesday, May 26, 2009

make money on runescape by cowhides


Cowhide is collected by killing cows.It is white in color and it is round in shape.It is used to make different kind of armour in runescape


There are two locations for non members where you can kill the cows for cowhides first one is northeast of lumbridge just next to some houses.If you are fill your inventory with cowhides you can go to the nearest bank located in lumbridge castle on third floor.the advantage of going in the spot of lumbridge is that there are lots of people chasing for the cows

The second spot for collecting cowhides is in west of rimmington or just left of the crafting guild.There are less cows than in lumbridge but you will find less players in runescape chasing the cows.

selling cowhide on street or grand exchange(GE)

selling cowhides on street will consume much of your time.there are 2 things you can do 1.just go to a crowdy area and shout selling cowhides!!! selling cowhides!!! 2.or use auto type and get banned muhahaha.Thats why runescape has given us the option of saving our precious time by giving us the gift of grand exchange lol.Selling stuff in grand exchange gives you the medium where you can get to your customers all around the runescape in every world.so i prefer Grand exchange(GE) myself.

Current price of cowhides in runescape

The street price of cowhides are 126gp per cowhide you can sell higher if some player are dying to buy lol you can sell it in grand exchange for 119gold coins per cowhide and the finally the highest is 133gold coins per cowhide

Reqviroments and advantages

I recommend you to have more than 5 def level because it will help to get lesser hits by runescape monster If you chose the lumbridge spot than this is better for you so if you are a low in defence you can collect the food and cook in the stove in the houses just near the spot where there are chickens level they are level 1.You can eat food when you are low health or hp

hope it helped
i will post more articles to help you more money in runescape


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