Saturday, January 24, 2009

how to make money by red spider's eggs

Before the trade update the street price of red spider's eggs was 3 to 10 coins but after the
update of GE(grand exchange) it is like around minimum is 340 each the medium one is 358 each and the maximum is 376

Lets compare red spider's eggs with iron ore,silver ore and lobster.

Iron ore
you need to have 15 level to mine iron ore and you sell them for 101gp each .

Silver ore
you need to have 20 mining level to mine silver ore and the market price is 170gold coins each.

Coal ore
for mining coal level 30 is required and the market price for coal ore is 177gp each.

Cooked lobsters
for fishing lobsters you need to have a level of 40 fishing and in order cook lobsters level 40 cooking level is required and if you are a non member you need to go to karamja island in runescape you need to take a tinder box and an axe to cut logs to make fire out of it or (if you dont than just pay or beg people for fire lol ) and if you are a member than that another matter
the market price for cooked lobsters are 224gp each in rs.

Red spider's eggs
the requirement of collecting of red spider's eggs is nothing but having a defence level of more than 25 may help you.the best area for collecting red spider's eggs is Varrock in the sewers
you can find 2 eggs west of the sewers but beware there are many level 35 red spider near the egg and its also a multi attack area where monster can attak you all at once

The only way to be safe from level 35 red spider is the spot just next to the red spider's eggs

here is the image click the image to enlarge.I took this image from my noob account level 35 she made 1000gp by selling 3 red spider's eggs tip: go to the world like world 12,3,4,5,6,7 where there are lots of people and sell them in grand exhange in the maximum price


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