Friday, January 23, 2009

make money in rs by flax picking

Flax is a very good way to make money.One the i like most about flax is that you don't have to
achieve some particular type of level (like flaxing level lol i hope that rs don't have that idea).Or you don't need to do some sort of quest in order to start picking up flax.

Now get a air staff and 1 law (this will work if you have 45 magic in rs).This runes will allow you to teleport in camelot.Seers' Village and Camelot are located directly northwest of Catherby and northeast of Hemenster.or you can walk south from the spot you teleported continue walking south and you will see a beehives the flax spot is just west of beehives in rs.

Next thing you want to do is start collecting flax.This spot is one of my favorite because the bank is so near note: keep all your stuff in bank and if your inventory is full with flax that will weigh 8kg and you can carry max of 28 flax with you.Don't bring other stuff with so you will be run out of energy in rs

collect like 1000 of them and sell them in grand exchange for the highest price i know it sound hard but its not really that hard trust me


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